IODE is a national women's charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, through education support, community service and citizenship programs.

Hospitable Apartments in Calgary

To acquire a perfect home look for apartments and houses for rent in apartmentlove.com/alberta/calgary. This being the best and conducive environment to carry out your daily activities. This is where one enjoys a vibrant and diverse community of different cultures, where you learn and stand at a position of knowing each other well.

In Calgary apartments its an exceptional place which gives people renting various sizes of the building, according to the kind of accommodation one requires and well suited for the activities carried out daily. As by example it is an enormous pride by the residents regarding to the suites.

Therefore there is endless hours of enjoying best amenities and activities, whereby a large garden terraces and a swimming pool for recreation during leisure hours, not forgetting tennis court for playing and landscaped gardens provides a hospitable environment.

Bearing in mind that every individual yearns to be physically fit in order to maintain good health condition, the apartments provide modern equipment to exercise.

For the lovers of research and studying, reading rooms are provided whereby you enjoy the environment where there is no distractions from any other party. Also the billiard tables and even table tennis are provided.

Events like christmas, birthday party and other parties can take place in a good way where great opportunities to interact with people of various identity and culture are provided.

Moreover, amenities like washing rooms, kitchen area and even airlines are well maintained. Taking an example of washing rooms water system are well installed to provide enough water for the services in the building daily. Also water for showering is available at all times and not in intervals. The kitchen equipment also installed is rust free.

There is also a space provided for underground parking in the apartments to avoid congestion during parking hours, hence every individual enjoys the environment. By not forgetting security being the major concern in rental of the apartments, hence security as far as it's concerned is assured for the residents' property to be secure.

To crown up with is to have an understanding and preference in selection of the best apartments to rent. Bear in mind the features which you require for survival in your daily life basis. Therefore at least we have got an hint for the hospitality of the apartments in Calgary. Calgary offers a lot for young families in particular. To get the most out of your stay here, choose a great place to live in.

Provincial Officers

What's Happening in Nova Scotia

Provincial Annual Meeting – 2014

Park Place Hotel _ Conference Centre
Ramada Plaza - Burnside
April 24-25

National Annual Meeting - 2014
London, Ontario
(See Fall issue of Echoes for further information)

Area Conferences:
Colchester, Pictou _ Cumberland Area Conference
Saturday, October 19, 2013
First United Church Memorial Hall
Queen _ Lorne Street, Truro, NS
Sheila Pipes – Area Vice-President


  • Gives support through scholarship, bursaries, grants, awards and prizes for university, college and high school students.
  • Supplies amenities to needy classes, locally and in remote northern communities.
  • Supports special educational and cultural programs.
  • Supplies books to school libraries, day care and pre-school programs.
  • Participates in RealCare® Baby program.


  • Assists crisis centres, nursing homes, hospitals, transition houses, senior centres and needy families.
  • Supports Food Banks, Meals on Wheels, school breakfast and lunch programs and provided Christmas boxes to those in need.
  • Supports Kidney Research at the IWK-Grace Hospital.
  • Contributes knitted goods and warm clothing for distribution locally and in Labrador.
  • Provides emergency relief in times of crisis or disaster.
  • Provides financial assistance in times of need through the Good Samaritan Fund at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.


Promotes good citizenship by encouraging an active interest and involvement in community life.


  • International Peace Gardens
  • Snack Pack
  • Labrabook
  • Labrador Adopt-a-Class
  • 100th Anniversary Fund
  • Labrador Bursary Fund
  • Veterans Overseas Fund
  • Canadian Disaster Fund
  • National Education Fund
  • National Services Fund

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